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From John Crater <jcra...@mwsi.net>
Subject RE: html2ecs
Date Thu, 15 Aug 2002 02:31:07 GMT
Hi Jon,

Well written. I understand your pull vs. push model. What I have
proposed is a push model no doubt. The push model simply requires the
GUI designer to understand page layout. All of the data access, looping
and conditional logic is still the responsibility of the java programmer
AND his code IS tied to the layout. You are right about that. 

The whole point of your article, unless I missed something, was that the
pull model is superior because it allows the GUI designers to be "free
from the Java engineers" by giving them complete control and
responsibility for the UI. This is true. Except it essentially makes the
GUI person an entry level programmer themselves by requiring them to
understand data models, APIs and (in the case of JSPs), the Java
programming language. If you have a UI person that can do that, you are
lucky and the pull model may be better. If not, the Java programmer will
have to write "dumb down" code so that the UI person can live up to
their new responsibilities. How do you do this except to design beans
that match the page they are to be used on. If you do that, you've
defeated the whole purpose of the pull model and you're back to Java
programmers coding for each web page. 

So, I don't think one way is obviously better than the other. It may
just depend more on the team doing it than anything inherent in the
design paradigm. 

The second problem I have with JSPs and scripting engines like Velocity
is that the end result is a file with THREE different languages all
mixed together (HTML, JavaScript and Java or some other templating
language). That just spells "mess" to me. At least with what I was
proposing you've seperated out the client side display description and
control code from the server side data generation. Maybe I'm just being
anal on this point. :)

So, the whole point of this is that I think ECS could have a role in
this push model beyond what it has now, or used to have. It already has
the data model for HTML. If that model could be created from an HTML
file and the API tweaked to work with that (such as find() methods), I
think it would be exceedingly easy and productive to use. At least it
would offer a workable alternative for people who don't think crowding
everything into one ugly file is the way to go. JMHO.


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> Someone please tell me why this logic is flawed.
> John



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