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From rdon...@apache.org
Subject cvs commit: jakarta-ecs2/generation/xhtml-gen build.xml
Date Sat, 22 Sep 2001 15:19:16 GMT
rdonkin     01/09/22 08:19:16

  Added:       generation/xhtml-gen build.xml
  Generation tools initial commit
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  jakarta-ecs2/generation/xhtml-gen/build.xml
  Index: build.xml
      For ease of use, the generation scripts are separated into a master script (this one)

      and a worker script.
      The master script is (hopefully) easy to edit so that you easily generate different
      The worker script is more complex but also should hopefully be more logical since it
doesn't refer
      to any particular project. 
  <project name="master-generate" default="xhtml-generate-build-ecs" basedir=".">
      Tell people what targets we have
      <target name="help">	
          <echo message="targets for ecs example generation script"/>
          <echo message="    xhtml-generate (generate from xhtml.xml)"/>
          <echo message="    xhtml-generate-build-ecs (generate, build, jar and document
from xhtml.xml)"/>
      General targets.
      <target name="call-worker">
          <ant antfile="generate-project.xml" target="${call}">
                  <!-- short name -->
              <property name="name" value="${name}"/>
                  <!-- the xml schema file name -->
              <property name="schema" value="${schema}"/>
                  <!-- descriptive name used for documentation -->
              <property name="long_name" value="${long_name}"/>
                  <!-- copyright notice used for documentation -->
              <property name="copyright" value="${copyright}"/>
                  <!-- version -->
              <property name="copyright" value="${copyright}"/>
                  <!-- this is the base namespace for the generation -->
              <property name="package" value="${package}"/>
      <target name="generate">
          <antcall target="call-worker">
              <param name="call" value="jar" />
      <target name="generate-then-document">
          <antcall target="call-worker">
              <param name="call" value="generate-then-document" />
      Generate ecs elements from the xhtml.xml schema
      <target name="xhtml-call">
          <antcall target="call-worker">
              <param name="name" value="xhtml"/>
              <param name="schema" value="xhtml.xml"/>
              <param name="long_name" value="ECS Elements From XHTML XML Schema"/>
              <param name="copyright" value="Copyright &amp;copy; 2001 Apache Software
Foundation. All Rights Reserved."/>
              <param name="version" value="1.0"/>
              <param name="package" value="org.apache.ecs.xhtml"/>
              <param name="call" value="${call}"/>
      <target name="xhtml-generate">
          <antcall target="xhtml-call">
              <param name="call" value="generate" />
      <target name="xhtml-generate-build-ecs" depends="xhtml-generate">
  	<ant antfile="build-ecs.xml" target="clean" dir="../../build/"/>
          <ant antfile="build-ecs.xml" target="package" dir="../../build/"/>

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