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From Robert Burrell Donkin <RobertDon...@appleonline.net>
Subject Re: ecs2 (generating attributes)
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2001 20:58:11 GMT
Stephan Nagy wrote:

> Robert Burrell Donkin wrote:
> > i now have some stuff (using texen) which can generate attributes getters
> > and setters (and possibly other stuff) from an xml DTD.
> > i can take a DTD and produce reasonable but basic ecs element families with
> > classes for each element in the usual ecs-style.
> >
> > i hope that this might be useful in terms of reducing the amount of legwork
> > required to finish ecs2.
> > i'm not really sure what the current status of ecs2 is - so i need to
> > people to speak up if they want to use this stuff.
> Hell Yeah.  I'm currently working on a deadline for another project so I'm not
> able to do anything with ecs/ecs2 right now.  This project should wrap itself
> up in the next week or two.  Send me the stuff you have and I'll try it out
> with ecs2.

since you're busy, i'll take the time to tidy it up a little (so don't expect it
immediately) and maybe do a little documentation :-)

there are some thinking issues with making code generation work well but you're
right - it's best to have a play first.

- robert

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