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From bugzi...@apache.org
Subject Bug report for JMeter [2010/10/17]
Date Sun, 17 Oct 2010 11:24:11 GMT
| Bugzilla Bug ID                                                           |
|     +---------------------------------------------------------------------+
|     | Status: UNC=Unconfirmed NEW=New         ASS=Assigned                |
|     |         OPN=Reopened    VER=Verified    (Skipped Closed/Resolved)   |
|     |   +-----------------------------------------------------------------+
|     |   | Severity: BLK=Blocker CRI=Critical  REG=Regression  MAJ=Major   |
|     |   |           MIN=Minor   NOR=Normal    ENH=Enhancement TRV=Trivial |
|     |   |   +-------------------------------------------------------------+
|     |   |   | Date Posted                                                 |
|     |   |   |          +--------------------------------------------------+
|     |   |   |          | Description                                      |
|     |   |   |          |                                                  |
|11536|Ass|Enh|2002-08-07|Graph Results's throughput calculation includes id|
|15468|New|Enh|2002-12-18|Variable expansion in posted files in HTTPSampler |
|15999|New|Enh|2003-01-12|Show Results Tree is too HTTP-centric             |
|16370|New|Enh|2003-01-23|HTTP Request log                                  |
|16886|New|Enh|2003-02-07|Recorded requests shouldn't duplicate info in HTTP|
|17248|New|Enh|2003-02-20|Graph Improvements                                |
|17252|Ass|Enh|2003-02-20|HTML Link Parser seems not work properly.         |
|21695|New|Enh|2003-07-17|Unix jmeter start script assumes it is on PATH, no|
|22076|New|Enh|2003-08-01|global search and replace functionality           |
|22510|New|Maj|2003-08-18|SSL Manager does not handle multiple client certif|
|24480|New|Enh|2003-11-06|There is no good way to set checkbox based items u|
|25209|New|Min|2003-12-04|missed refresh of horizontal scrollbar when switch|
|25430|New|Enh|2003-12-11|Recording Controller to populate HTTP Authorisatio|
|27112|New|Enh|2004-02-20|User Parameters should use scrollbars             |
|27895|New|Enh|2004-03-24|badly formatted JDBC output (a regression w.r.t. 1|
|29331|New|Enh|2004-06-01|how to load test java applet using JMeter         |
|29352|New|Enh|2004-06-03|Use external store to hold samples during distribu|
|29603|New|Enh|2004-06-16|Custom component developers need own resource bund|
|29708|New|Enh|2004-06-21|startup delay by JMeterThread initialization      |
|31666|New|Enh|2004-10-12|writing sampleresults to databases                |
|32494|New|Enh|2004-12-02|Enhancement - scheduler should be added to Test Pl|
|33305|New|Enh|2005-01-31|Visual diff and merge functionality for JMeter scr|
|33878|New|Enh|2005-03-07|Function caching as option                        |
|33940|Opn|Nor|2005-03-09|Throughput value and Graph Results "Graphing" don'|
|34321|New|Enh|2005-04-06|password encryption for HTTP Authorization Manager|
|35059|New|Maj|2005-05-25|RuntimeController not working correctly           |
|35593|New|Enh|2005-07-03|Commons chain sampler                             |
|35670|New|Enh|2005-07-09|Default parameters not displayed                  |
|35915|New|Enh|2005-07-28|MonitorResults does not write results n CSV format|
|36378|New|Enh|2005-08-26|[PATCH] A "Thread Watcher" Listener               |
|36694|New|Enh|2005-09-17|substitute a value in the input XML for webservice|
|36721|New|Enh|2005-09-20|webMethods Sampling Protocol Extensions           |
|36931|New|Enh|2005-10-05|Printable Version of the Users Manual             |
|37073|New|Enh|2005-10-13|Lacking Poisson timer                             |
|37155|New|Enh|2005-10-19|Testplan: Stop... Continue....                    |
|37160|New|Enh|2005-10-19|Scalable distributed testing                      |
|38115|Inf|Nor|2006-01-04|decode from encoded string by IE                  |
|39219|New|Nor|2006-04-06|HTTP Server: You can't stop it after File->Open   |
|39642|New|Enh|2006-05-23|Need a sampler forJMX mbean-servers.              |
|40011|New|Enh|2006-07-11|New Elements for use in JMeter                    |
|40181|Ass|Enh|2006-08-03|Add a new Session Bean protocol extension         |
|40424|New|Enh|2006-09-06|Web Services proxy                                |
|40499|New|Enh|2006-09-13|Need to be able to simulate abortive connection re|
|40671|New|Cri|2006-10-03|IncludeController not working in Jmeter 2.2       |
|40750|New|Nor|2006-10-12|Behaviour when TCPSampler sockets are closed by re|
|40934|Inf|Nor|2006-11-09|CSV Data Set Config parameters cannot be used in s|
|40961|New|Enh|2006-11-13|Maintain constant number of clients after assertio|
|40973|New|Nor|2006-11-14|[View Results Tree] component failed when generate|
|41110|New|Enh|2006-12-05|Jmeter does not record calculated values, such as |
|41210|Inf|Enh|2006-12-19|Latency time is not included in the summary report|
|41286|New|Nor|2007-01-03|Include controller problems in Jmeter 2.1.1.      |
|41293|New|Enh|2007-01-04|Allow multi-level Thread Groups                   |
|41319|New|Nor|2007-01-08|Parmeter value being URL decoded in URLRewritingMo|
|41545|New|Enh|2007-02-05|Enhancement to integrate soapui into Soap/XMLRPC s|
|41566|New|Enh|2007-02-08|Require a method of disabling HTTP Request Default|
|41788|New|Enh|2007-03-07|Log viewer (console window) needed as an option   |
|41800|New|Enh|2007-03-09|Parser for parsing the CSV results using JMeter An|
|41917|New|Enh|2007-03-21|Restructure HTTP Request GUI, to make it simpler a|
|41921|Inf|Maj|2007-03-21|samplers store all output, even when arbitrarily l|
|42012|Opn|Min|2007-04-01|Variable Listener filenames do not get processed i|
|42141|New|Min|2007-04-17|[Usability] Save as doesn't replace forbidden char|
|42205|New|Enh|2007-04-23|expand/collaps multiple selected nodes            |
|42246|New|Trv|2007-04-25|Need for a 'auto-scroll' option in "View Results T|
|42248|New|Enh|2007-04-25|Need undo-redo support                            |
|42428|New|Enh|2007-05-15|Workbench not saved with Test Plan                |
|42538|New|Enh|2007-05-29|No "duplicate" entry in context menu              |
|42637|Ass|Enh|2007-06-11|add non-POST method support to the SOAP/XML-RPC sa|
|42717|Inf|Enh|2007-06-21|webservice soap sampler does not recognize name sp|
|42784|New|Enh|2007-06-30|Show the number of errors logged in the GUI       |
|42837|New|Enh|2007-07-09|Provide link between .jmx and .jtl files          |
|42867|New|Nor|2007-07-12|Only default parameters of Java Request Samplers a|
|43168|New|Enh|2007-08-20|Exception when running multiple tests in same remo|
|43284|New|Trv|2007-09-02|Centralise use of ".jmx" and ".jtl" etc           |
|43293|New|Nor|2007-09-03|Java Request fields not cleared when creating new |
|43294|New|Nor|2007-09-03|XPath Extractor namespace problems                |
|43360|New|Nor|2007-09-12|Huge size of test elements when loading a script  |
|43363|New|Enh|2007-09-12|Options for compressed content                    |
|43380|New|Enh|2007-09-13|override "download embedded ressources" for all ht|
|43381|Inf|Enh|2007-09-13|view results tree grouping results per threadgroup|
|43384|New|Enh|2007-09-13|using semaphores in jmeter (block critical regions|
|43450|New|Nor|2007-09-21|Listeners/Savers assume SampleResult count is alwa|
|43484|New|Nor|2007-09-26|Remote Statistical mode needs to collect min/max s|
|43539|New|Maj|2007-10-03|Monitor results are different in Non-GUI Mode     |
|43545|New|Nor|2007-10-03|AbstractVisualizer should implement TestElement in|
|43549|New|Enh|2007-10-04|Enhancing FTP Request with chmod or other unix com|
|43730|New|Enh|2007-10-29|User-settable JVM DNS cache expiry                |
|43999|Opn|Enh|2007-11-29|"HTTP Proxy Server" records redundant "Server Name|
|44126|Inf|Nor|2007-12-21|ConcurrentModificationException executing test on |
|44301|New|Enh|2008-01-26|Enable "ignore failed" for embedded resources     |
|44325|New|Min|2008-01-29|JMeter converts new lines to spaces               |
|44420|New|Enh|2008-02-14|AccessLog Sampler - process session ids?          |
|44690|New|Enh|2008-03-27|Make Login Config data available as variables     |
|44802|New|Enh|2008-04-10|MonitorHealthVisualizer.java enhancement          |
|44973|New|Nor|2008-05-12|Included Testplans fail to execute correctly from |
|45006|New|Enh|2008-05-15|.class overwrite / enhancement concept            |
|45009|Ver|Nor|2008-05-15|Locally manage user defined variables             |
|45132|New|Nor|2008-06-04|java.net.URLDecoder can not decode post data sent |
|45168|New|Nor|2008-06-09|Listeners need to take idleTime into account      |
|45169|New|Nor|2008-06-09|SampleResult idleTime not always taken into accoun|
|45174|New|Enh|2008-06-09|TCPSampler support for sending files              |
|45258|New|Enh|2008-06-23|Child sample handling                             |
|45267|New|Enh|2008-06-24|Feature request - loading property files from GUI |
|45268|New|Enh|2008-06-24|Add possibility to choose a set of defaults for sa|
|45457|New|Nor|2008-07-22|ModuleController lose the module-to-run when test |
|45589|New|Enh|2008-08-07|Automatic extraction of CSV Result from sumarry re|
|45703|Inf|Nor|2008-08-28|Synchronizing Timer                               |
|45772|New|Enh|2008-09-09|RgEx User Parameters Post Processor               |
|45839|New|Enh|2008-09-18|Allow premature exit from a loop                  |
|46178|Opn|Enh|2008-11-10|Ask newline feature for request parameter value   |
|46237|New|Enh|2008-11-18|add skeleton-key http authentication to AccessLogS|
|46307|Inf|Nor|2008-11-28|WebService(SOAP) Request doesn't support utf-8 in |
|46657|New|Enh|2009-02-03|provide an online PDF version of the User's Manual|
|46677|New|Enh|2009-02-09|Copying Test Elements between test plans          |
|46779|New|Nor|2009-02-27|${variable} expansion fails in listeners when runn|
|46921|New|Enh|2009-03-26|Add Ability to Convert Test Elements              |
|46972|Inf|Enh|2009-04-05|TestNG integration with JMeter                    |
|47040|New|Enh|2009-04-16|OAuth Support                                     |
|47045|New|Enh|2009-04-17|JDBC Request .sql script file execution           |
|47052|New|Enh|2009-04-19|Add support for MigLayout to simplify and enhance |
|47166|New|Enh|2009-05-07|Add render Flex AMF 3 (Action Message Format) to L|
|47269|New|Maj|2009-05-26|StackOverflowException Using Combination of Random|
|47302|New|Enh|2009-06-02|Ability to look at summaries without GUI (non-gui)|
|47587|New|Maj|2009-07-27|Recording using proxy fails with semicolon separat|
|47660|New|Nor|2009-08-07|OutOfMemoryErrors when sending large file using HT|
|47749|New|Maj|2009-08-27|JMS Publisher cannot publish to a Topic and it han|
|47817|New|Enh|2009-09-10|Enhancement: Use multiple connections per thread  |
|47850|New|Nor|2009-09-16|Include controller - Not able to get the desired t|
|47886|New|Enh|2009-09-22|Use ThreadPool for threads rather than create/star|
|47888|New|Nor|2009-09-22|JUnit Sampler re-uses test object                 |
|47921|New|Nor|2009-09-30|Variables not released for GC after JMeterThread e|
|48016|New|Nor|2009-10-16|Suggested contribution: using jMeter in server mod|
|48145|New|Enh|2009-11-05|Integrating DTrace with JMeter                    |
|48372|Inf|Blk|2009-12-10|multibyte data getting corrupted with HTTP POST - |
|48412|New|Cri|2009-12-18|Problem with Authorization Manager having multiple|
|48450|New|Enh|2009-12-28|Add support of Spring Webflow to JMeter           |
|48794|Inf|Cri|2010-02-22|Jmeter 2.3.4r785646. Parameters doesn't put into t|
|48799|New|Enh|2010-02-22|[PATCH] Adding connect time and processing time to|
|48874|New|Enh|2010-03-09|let jmeter proxy add user delays                  |
|48898|New|Enh|2010-03-12|export imeter test plans from websarab            |
|48943|New|Nor|2010-03-19|__StringFromFile() skips lines when used in combin|
|49039|New|Nor|2010-04-02|Bug proxy with multipart byte                     |
|49208|Inf|Nor|2010-04-28|Double byte code is garbled when reading from resu|
|49365|New|Enh|2010-05-31|Allow result set to be written to file in a path r|
|49374|New|Nor|2010-06-03|Encoding of embedded element URLs depend on the sh|
|49462|New|Maj|2010-06-18|Cookie Manager Not Incrementing As Expected       |
|49463|New|Maj|2010-06-18|Reference Name in Counter is not not Incrementing |
|49601|New|Nor|2010-07-16|NTLM Auth problem                                 |
|49753|New|Nor|2010-08-16|Please publish jMeter artifacts on Maven central r|
|49949|New|Enh|2010-09-17|Can't add fields to Multipart body headers        |
|49950|New|Nor|2010-09-17|IndexOutOfBoundsException when recording with Prox|
|49974|New|Enh|2010-09-22|Allow to pause and resume tests                   |
|49976|New|Min|2010-09-22|FormCharSetFinder visibility is default instead of|
|50008|Opn|Enh|2010-09-27|Enhancement : Make BatchSampleSender constructor p|
|50034|New|Maj|2010-10-01|Provide API for running JMeter                    |
|50053|New|Enh|2010-10-07|Mark Ignored Timers in red                        |
|50080|New|Nor|2010-10-12|Transaction controller incorrectly creates samples|
|50086|New|Nor|2010-10-13|The Password field in Database Connection Configur|
|50088|New|Enh|2010-10-13|getAvgPageBytes in SamplingStatCalculator does not|
|50097|New|Nor|2010-10-15|Failed Transaction does not show up in JTL file wh|
| Total  159 bugs                                                           |

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