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From Milamber <milam...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [JMeter] Extending JMeter: Shared Data Set
Date Fri, 10 Sep 2010 16:20:24 GMT

Your idea is good, and(but) needs a lot of works.

Please note, you can do this with another way:
1/ use a JDBC sampler with a SQL SELECT on a database, around a Once
only controller which start first in test
2/ and JMeter's function __V{}
to build dynamically variables name from SELECT results.

This way is limited by JVM memory (all rows are store in memory by JDBC
SELECT request), but for a small list (<10.000 rows) this is a good way.

I wrote a french tutorial in 2 parts to do this.
(sorry, it's in french, but some screen-shots shows the way)


Le 09/09/2010 12:05, Jens Müller a ecrit :
> Hello,
> JMeter does not seem to include a test element that allows a string out of a list to
be assinged to a variable, guaranteeing at most once semantics for all users, even in distributed
mode. Meaning that every element of the list will only be used once, even trhoughout multiple
test runs.
> I have the following in mind:
> Creating a ConfigTestElement (currently a TestBean) which allows the user to add a list
of values. When starting the test, this list would be put into a centrally accessible singleton
and everytime a value would be read in iterationStart, it would be removed from this central
list and assigned to a variable, similarly to CSV Data Set Config, only that the value is
not read from a file.
> So far possible.
> When the test is completed, only the remaining unused values should be present in the
test element. How can I modify a specific element in the test tree? If I implement TestListener
and change the list in testEnded, this change is not applied to the test element if I open
it in the test plan. It is probably cloned, but even by overriding clone and keeping a reference
to the original element, I cannot get the test element's values changes.
> Furthermore, in distributed mode, I would need to split the list in equal parts to the
different client hosts. This could be done somewhere in ClientJMeterEngine#Configure, not
cloning the element, but taking a sublist of the complete list. The total number of hosts
and the number of the current host would need to be known for this. These two values could
be filled into some context in RemoteStart#doAction.
> Every host would then perform its test run and at the end, they would need to send back
the sublist of unused items. As far as I understand, only the Listeners are wrapped with RemoteListenerWrapper
so that they can transfer back information. Maybe the information which elements of the list
were not used can be piggybacked somewhere on testEnded? The compund list of remaining items
would then again need to be incorporated into the original test element - a problem I already
described above.
> Any help in solving any of these sub tasks is very appreciated.

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