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From "Andre Lopes" <alo...@areadeservico.com>
Subject Application to test and Cactus Application in diferent context paths problem
Date Tue, 09 Sep 2008 10:43:28 GMT
Hi all,

I’m new on cactus, it’s the first time I’m working with it, and i am build
a in-container unit testing application to test EJB’s, a struts
application and some other things. With the EJB’s, and the other things
everything worked smoothly. For the struts application… well it is not
going to well.

So for the struts application (aka STAPP) I have a WAR file that contains
all the relative elements that is deployed in a JBoss 4.0.5 AS. For the
application that does all the tests (aka TestAPP), I have another WAR file
that is also deployed in the same AS, and I’m using StrutsTestCase to make
the testing units.

Here is the error were I am stuck right now:

Failed to get the test results at

-----------SOME SETTINGS-----------
STAPP context path = /STAPP
TestAPP contex path = /TestAPP

cactus.contextURL = http://localhost:8080/STAPP/
cactus.servletRedirector = ServletRedirector

So my problem is in the definition of the cactus.servletRedirector property.


How can I tell cactus that the application to test is in one context path
and that the ServletRedirector is in another?

Is it possible to have this type of configuration, or should I forget
about using StrutsTestCase, and start thinking on using HttpUnit to test
the Web application?

Thank you all for reading, and for replying, I hope :P


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