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From Johannes Harms <johannes.ha...@gmx.at>
Subject EJB3 Testing
Date Mon, 19 May 2008 20:32:49 GMT
Could you help me to find out if Cactus is right for me?

(I am sorry if my questions seem stupid, please don't be offended! I  
am new to Cactus and relatively new to the Java Enterprise World. I  
did search through the mailing lists and I have read some of the  

1.) Does Cactus support EJB3 testing?
Can I run Cactus Tests inside the Glassfish server to test my EJBs?
Can I use the annotation-based Java Enterprise Dependency Injection to  
get references to my EJBs? E.g could I inject @EJB private EJB myEJB;  
into my Cactus test case? Although not necessary (I could use JNDI  
instead to lookup the EJB), it would be very convenient.

2.) Given my situation, would you recommend Cactus?
For our project, we are using Glassfish, EJB3 and JSF to provide a  
webbased interface for database-driven application. I am looking for a  
solution to testing our EJB business logic (mainly EJB3 Entity Beans  
and stateless Session Beans). Because the business logic EJBs make use  
of dependency injection (injection of other EJBs, of the  
PersistenceContext and the SessionContext), I would prefer the tests  
to run in the EJB component's natural environment instead of a mocked  
test environment. This is how I came to search for in-Container  
testing strategies and found the Cactus Project...

thank you and with kind regards,
Johannes (from Austria)

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