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From "Bret Kumler" <bkum...@goldengate.com>
Subject RE: Possible to use with Cobertura?
Date Wed, 03 May 2006 15:50:56 GMT

See my answers with the *******

Couple questions...

1) <!-- Configure the cactus task for logging -->
  <cactusproperty server="false"
  <cactusproperty server="true"

Are these logging configurations necessary to create Cobertura tset results?
and what is in your meta-dir directory?


******* Nope, I use it for Cactus logging. *******

Where and how did you put the instumented classes into the war file?


******* Sorry I meant, put the instrumented classes in the classpath of the <cactus warfile>
            <pathelement path="${instrumented.classes}"/>
            <pathelement path="${classes.dir}"/>


                 <pathelement path="${test-props.dir}"/>

What is in your test-props.dir directory?

******* Ignore this.*******

4)         <classpath>
             <pathelement location="${test-lib.dir}/veridata-tests.jar"/>

What is your veridata-tests.jar? and what does it contain?

******* Ignore this, it's my test classes *******

5)<tomcat4x if="tomcat-dist.dir"

for the jvmArgs property, what is your ${gg.home} directory and what does 
-Dnet.sourceforge.cobertura.datafile=${test.dir}/cobertura.ser/≥ tell me?

******* Ignore ${gg.home} it's used by my testing harness. *******

******* The -Dnet.sourceforge.cobertura.datafile=${test.dir}/cobertura.ser is used by cobertura
to tell it where the .ser is located so it can generate all the stats.  This is mentioned
in the cobertura docs...... *******

Thanks again for your help with this...much appreciated!


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