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From senthil kumar <senthil_...@yahoo.com>
Subject Failed to get the test results at [http://localhost:80/test/ServletRedirector]
Date Mon, 19 Dec 2005 21:13:35 GMT

I am new to cactus. I am getting this exception when I
try to run my test case under cactus. I am running
this test case from browser. 
I am trying to test a junit test case wrapped up with
servletTestSuite and that java class which I am
testing requires login (authentication). I went thru
the cactus documentation and set the web.xml like
  <description>Protect the Cactus redirector

Right now I have directory structure like this.

 - conf
 - webapps
   - my web application
   - my test application (cactus test case for the
     - conf 
       - cactus.properties

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