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From Felipe Leme <ma...@felipeal.net>
Subject Re: Cactus and JSF
Date Sat, 22 Oct 2005 22:38:06 GMT
Hi Vince,

AFAIK, we don't have any plans to incorporate JSF testing into Cactus. 
But that doesn't means we wouldn't like to, just that we don't have the 
resources to do it currently. On the contrary, we would love to support 
other Java EE APIs like JSF and Portlets, but we (the current commiters) 
lack the expertise or time to do so nowadays.

Anyway, regarding the comments about Shale and MyFaces tests, it would 
be great if we could integrate their solutions into Cactus, so the 3 
projects could take advantage of a common solution and avoid duplicated 
work. Maybe all is needed is someone to approach them and make the 
proposal - any volunteer?


-- Felipe

vincent_bloise@vanguard.com wrote:
> Does the Cactus team have any plans to incorporate JSF testing capabilities
> into Cactus?

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