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From Phlip <phlip2...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: How to turn on logging?
Date Mon, 19 Sep 2005 16:13:09 GMT
Vincent Massol wrote:

> No, this list has nothing to do with StrutsTestCase. For StrutsTestCase see,
> http://strutstestcase.sourceforge.net/. There's a link to their mailing
> list/forums.

S'okay. They have no mailing list there, so far as I can tell. The
closest hit in Yahoo Groups was (cough) this one.

> A long time back I had proposed to the strutstestcase project to merge with
> the Cactus project but they didn't want to. That's their right and I
> understand that. But you need to understand that they are separate projects.

I will have another bash at using raw Cactus without the struts
testers, but I predict the same vicious cycle of error messages.

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