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From Glushenkov Victor <glushen...@gorgaz.ryazan.ru>
Subject Re: ant integration w/o junit.jar
Date Tue, 20 Sep 2005 10:37:41 GMT
Mark thanx. And sorry, Mea Culpa!

>i've never seen junit distributed with ant. i checked quickly my ant
>1.6.5distribution, and don't see
>junit.jar in there, only an ant-junit.jar. it would be nice to be able to 
>run cactus w/o having to depend on putting junit.jar into the system 
>classpath, or into the ant-lib folder. some times you just don't have the 
>flexability. it's a problem in general with the ant optional tasks in that 
>by default, they're in the ant lib folder and loaded by the main ant 
>classloader. a user can't even define the junit task since the ant 
>classloader has already loaded the junit task.
>an idea would be if catus would supply it's own junit ant classes under a 
>different package structure org.apache.optional.ant... or somesuch. then 
>cactus could extend these classes, and a user could run cactus without 
>worries about the target environment (taskdef for cactus wouldn't depend on 
>adding junit.jar to some system classpath or ant lib folder).
>just a thought.

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