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From David Turley <syn...@synath.com>
Subject Running Cactus tests in Eclipse
Date Fri, 26 Aug 2005 20:51:51 GMT
At one point I was able to run my Cactus tests in Eclipse by starting up 
tomcat and running the tests as JUnit tests.  Since then I changed my 
directory structure a bit to make things more sensible and convenient 
for the Ant integration, and now when I try to run an individual test in 
Eclipse, it complains about the cactus.contextURL.  I have a 
cactus.properties file in my project's base directory, but something 
(the error and the fact that it doesn't work...;-) tells me that's not 
the right place...  Where should I put it?  What should I do with it?  
Is there another way to quickly run a test?  It takes too long to build 
and cactify a war to make it convenient.  Also, is anyone working on the 
Eclipse integration?  I saw someone ask about downloading it a month ago 
or so, but there was never any response to his email.

David Turley

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