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From David Turley <syn...@synath.com>
Subject Re: Directory deleting weirdness
Date Mon, 22 Aug 2005 21:08:19 GMT
Hi Vincent,

    Thanks for responding.  Right now it isn't totally critical that I 
have that directory, so I'll raise that point to in the Cargo list and 
wait and see what happens.  Personally I don't really like the fact that 
our app copies this folder straight into the webapps directory, but I 
didn't write it that way.  Maybe I can convince the person who did that 
it should be changed:-).  Not likely though.  I'm at the bottom of our 
short hierarchy, so my input is sometimes ignored.  Time for a new job, 
maybe...  Thanks for your help!

--David Turley

Vincent Massol wrote:

>Hi David,
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: David Turley [mailto:synath@synath.com]
>>Sent: lundi 22 août 2005 20:17
>>To: Cactus Users List
>>Subject: Directory deleting weirdness
>>Hello all,
>>    My application relies on a directory we put into the
>>TOMCAT_HOME/webapps folder.  When the cactus ant task creates the
>>temporary installation of tomcat5x, that directory is, of course, not
>>included.  So I decided that I would copy the folder into the temp
>>directory.  If I copy it manually, it works just fine, but if I copy it
>>using the ant <copy> task, the <cactus> task deletes the directory I
>>just copied...  Can anyone explain this little anomaly or how I can
>>overcome it?
>The directory created by Cactus is under Cactus Ant tasks control and you
>should not tamper with it. The Cactus Ant task will delete it every time you
>run a container.
>There's currently no way to tell the Cactus Ant tasks to also copy a
>directory. Your best bet ATM is not to use the <cactus> Ant task or to use
>it with a <generic> container. You could also try using the
><runservertests>. All of this will required more work from you
>You should also know that Cactus is currently undergoing a refactoring in
>that it is migrating to Cargo (http://cargo.codehaus.org). So all
>container-related features of Cactus will be removed and will be handled by
>Cargo in the next version of Cactus.
>Your use case is currently not taken into account by Cargo and you may want
>to raise to the Cargo user list to that it is included in the future.
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