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From David Turley <syn...@synath.com>
Subject Re: Code Coverage and Cactus
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2005 21:37:49 GMT
I think I see the problem now, but I still need some help with fixing it.

I also run some regular junit tests, so the coverage information for 
those tests has been going into the jcoverage.ser file created by the 
instrumenation phase, but the cactus task is trying to put its coverage 
information into that file as well.  How do I create a second 
jcoverage.ser file and put my cactus coverage information into it?  I 
think that would solve my problem.

David Turley

Quentin Pouplard wrote:

>Hi David,
>David Turley wrote: 
>>Oh, I noticed you said that you merge all the jcoverage.ser files... 
>>I  only get one jcoverage.ser file.  How do you get more than one and
>>where  are they located?
>I don't have the detail right now, I will look at it tomorrow, but the
>first thing I wonder is when exactly do you include the generated
>jcoverage.ser file in your war?
>I take some time to realize how jcoverage works but the main idea is
>that instrumenting does the following task: - instrument the code to add
>code to feed jcoverage.ser file - generate an empty jcoverage.ser file
>containing counter initialized to zero.
>I have more than one jcoverage.ser file because I run both cactus test
>and "classic" unit test, so I have the jcoverage on the tomcat side and
>the one on the client side, I merge them to get a single report showing
>me the global coverage for my tests.
>Hope it will help,
>Quentin Pouplard
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