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From Romain Thouvenin <rthouve...@sfwan.com>
Subject Re: bug with double instance ?
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2005 12:01:56 GMT
OK, you should have news about that issue in less that two months. Just 
let me finish my course and improve my schoolar english :) (Did you 
encounter some difficuties to understand the frenchie I am ?)

Happy to have mean to thank cactus for what it gave to my project ;)


Vincent Massol a écrit :

>Hi Romain,
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Romain Thouvenin [mailto:rthouvenin@sfwan.com]
>>Sent: jeudi 4 août 2005 11:46
>>To: Cactus Users List
>>Subject: Re: bug with double instance ?
>>Yes this sample show exactly what I want to do and what I did.
>>I found why the begin method wasn't called, it was declared protected !
>>I'm sorry to be so stupid...
>>Now the stuff with HTTP parameter works, but another result of my
>>stupidity hit me...
>>The static class where I'm storing informations about tests is not
>>shared with the server JVM : I can't access it in the setUp method.
>>My key in the request is therefore useless...
>>Should I commit suicide ?
>>Anyway, thank you a lot for all the help you provided.
>>Cactus is very useful for my current project, and I'm planning to join
>>the dev team in one or two month, after my course. So you should see me
>>again in cactus-dev list :)
>>Now I'm going to search another solution to my problem, and if don't
>>find one, going to add some code to Cactus to improve double
>Yes, double instantiation is an issue we've been aware of since a long time
>ago. One issue is that it prevents data-driven testig. See this thread
>We'd like to fix it but no committer has found the time nor the itch to do
>it... :-)
>Feel free to tackle it if you're interested!
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