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From Bryan Mishkin <bmish...@hoovers.com>
Subject Cactus and Ant Integration
Date Wed, 11 May 2005 13:57:55 GMT

I have a question concerning the 'Cactus' custom ant task.  

I have it setup and running tomcat but the temp tomcat instance isn't
picking up on my context descriptor named 'hes-test.xml' so I wanted to
utilize the nested conf attribute.  I tried the following:

                  dir="${tomcat.home}" port="8080">
					<includes name="hes-test.xml"/>

That didn't work - the error was something like 'Nested file sets not
allowed'.  Can someone provide me a working example of utilizing the 'conf'
nested element?

I have the following currently

<cactus warfile="${dir.dist}/hes-test.war" fork="yes"
              <path refid="classpath.utilize.tests"/>
            <containerset timeout="180000">
                  dir="${tomcat.home}" port="8080">
            <formatter type="xml"
            <batchtest todir="${dir.reports.xml}">
                <fileset dir="${dir.src.test}">
                    <filename name="**/Test*.java"/>
                    <filename name="**/*TestConnectionProxy.java"/>
                    <filename name="AllChimpTests.java"/>
                    <filename name="TestChimpSuit.java"/>
                    <filename name="TestCactusSuite.java"/>
                    <filename name="**/*Search*.java"/>
                    <filename name="**/*TestClobsWithPool*.java"/>
                    <filename name="**/*TestChimpTeamView*.java"/>
                    <filename name="**/*TestCurrencyFormatter*.java"/>



Bryan T. Mishkin
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Hoover's Inc.
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From: Oleg.Mikheev@gemini-systems.ru [mailto:Oleg.Mikheev@gemini-systems.ru]

Sent: Wednesday, May 11, 2005 8:24 AM
To: vmassol@pivolis.com
Cc: 'Cactus Users List'
Subject: RE: cactus and portlet integration


The most difficult part of portlet cactus testing is the portlet 
application URL, that is
changing from deployment to deployment.
So, the question was more about automating the task of identifying the 
correct URL
for the tested portlet app, not implementation of the test.
We work with WebSphere, probably it's not a general portlet issue, but 
just IBM
portal implementation that makes our life so hard. I'm not sure about 
that, would be
glad to have any info on that.


sincerely yours,
Oleg Mikheev 
Gemini Systems SPB

"Vincent Massol" <vmassol@pivolis.com> 
11-05-05 16:09

"'Cactus Users List'" <cactus-user@jakarta.apache.org>
RE: cactus and portlet integration

Hi Oleg,
(cc-ing the Cactus user list so that everyone interested can participate)
I?d say it?s not possible as is simple because a Portlet is NOT a Servlet. 
It has a different specification and a different lifecycle. That said, it 
would be relatively easy to build a PortletTestCase and associated 
For now your best solution is to use mock objects and functional testing.

From: Oleg.Mikheev@gemini-systems.ru 
Sent: mercredi 11 mai 2005 13:58
To: vmassol@pivolis.com
Subject: cactus and portlet integration

Hi Vincent! 

Looked through the Cactus site, and noticed your 1 year old discussion 
concerning integration 
of Cactus and Portlets. 
It didn't answer the question how to do the actual integration, and 
whether it is possible now. 
Right now we are looking for some tool to test Portlet applications, do 
you know if Cactus 
is capable of that? 
Thanks in advance! 

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