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From Mohamed Sherefudheen <smohamedfar...@yahoo.com>
Subject Struts and Cactus
Date Wed, 20 Apr 2005 19:54:39 GMT
Hello All
 I have a cactus test which i run using the url method
 in the browser to run the test.
 Now as i have hardcoded all the test data value in
 cactus test itself it is very hard to change it as it
 requires a recompile everytime i change it.
 So i put in a small struts interface with fields open
 in it and i wrote validations in a action form. And
 then if everything is ok i send the request to a
 action  and in the action i set the attributes with
 the data collected from request and finally forward
 the request to the ServletTestRunner with cactus test
 suite as a parameter.
 Then in servlet test runner i am able to retrieve the
 attributes which are set but when i try to retrieve
 the attributes in the real cactus test suite they are
 lost. I dont know why and how to do these test where
 in I would be able to customise the data  for the
 data in class. Even if i set in action as attributes
 in session and retrieve in cactus test it is still
 Please help me how can I do this test.?

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