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From "Magnus Grimsell" <magnus.grims...@idainfront.se>
Subject SV: JNDI-lookup of local EJB:s on Oracle appserver
Date Tue, 01 Feb 2005 11:04:16 GMT
> I'm personally not planning in working this area but if 
> people contribute
> patches we can apply them. The reason this is not an area of 
> interest to me
> is that I consider the web runner a second category runner. 
> It's manual and
> I much prefer using either the Ant tasks or the Maven plugin. Both are
> completely automated and you can choose which test to run.

I agree that the web browser is not of great importance when it comes to
continous integration but under development I find it very useful. 
On the other hand Cactus offers other options like the Eclipse integration.
> Hmm... The way I do it is different. I always set up the 
> database in setUp()
> instead of cleaning in teardown(). The reason is that in this 
> manner the
> tests are really independent of each other. Also you can 
> never be sure a
> test will have left the database in the right state (the test can be
> ctrl-c'ed, someone can change the database in between the 2 
> tests, etc).
> I know it's a little bit more effort than for example rollbacking the
> database commit (is that what you're doing?) but I think it's 
> more sound.

I agree. To do everything in setUp() is probably a better approach.
The only downside to this strategy is that it ends me up with a lot of tests 
to refactor ;)

Thanks for taking the time to inform me about Cactus.


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