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From Christian Sell <...@dynabean.de>
Subject RE: AppServerUnit and Cactus
Date Fri, 07 Jan 2005 18:14:44 GMT
> > if you have a test case that makes remote calls to server side
> > components, you can execute it "in front of" the TRS (the TRS is not
> > used). This makes mostly sense if you use the application client invoker
> This is a plain JUnit test, right?

yes, right. Note that we dont have custom TestCase class that you would subclass
- you always use the standard classes that come with JUnit

> It seems to me we are really following the same route. The main difference
> is that Cactus has started with the Servlet/Filter/Taglibs components first
> and has moved to EJB later in his history whereas ASU has started with EJBs.
> So, ASU is probably more advanced in the ear-ification step. It seems to me
> Cactus is also a superset of ASU.

yes, I agree. However, just to console myself I would say that after the
discussion I still feel justified in (re-)implementing AppserverUnit (given
that it was fun, too) ;-).

> Do you have a roadmap for ASU's future?

not right now. Our current project is coming to an end, and I see no pressing
needs for extension.

BTW, I forgot to mention one advantage of the EJB redirector approach: It allows
you to specify the transactional context for the test case. If you pass the -t
switch (currently only to the application client invoker), all test methods
will be executed in individual transactions (i.e., through a redirector method
with transaction-type REQUIRES_NEW). Otherwise, all will execute in the same

> BTW, are you aware of JUnitEE?

not really. I think I looked at it a while ago, and it did not fit my agenda.

> I'll add a news item mentioning ASU in Cactus news area on the web site.

great. If you see any potential for synergy, or even merging, I am all ears at
any time.


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