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From "Pedro Nevado" <pnev...@javato.com>
Subject What to put in web.xml or cactus-web.xml, and what not.
Date Thu, 09 Sep 2004 14:23:52 GMT
Hi there,

As a Cactus' beginner, I find intriguing things that probably are not.

For instance, in the examples in jakarta-cactus-13-1.6.1\samples\servlet:
- the test.jsp used to assert a dispatch-forward is referenced in the
- the SampleServlet which defines the dispatch is not defined in either of
the two deployment descriptors.

However, if we have a look at the example in the JUnit in Action book
(servlet example of chapter 9), the opposite happens:
- the securityError.jsp used in a (SecurityFilter) dispatch-forward is not
included in the deployment descriptors.
- the AdminServlet is included in the web.xml file. BTW, the SecurityFilter
is not included.

My question is: does it matter what is included in the deployment

This is my guess:

- test.jsp should be included in the deployment descriptor because it is not
in the context root directory. For the same reason, securityError.jsp could
not be included, because it is in the context root.
- since the instances of the servlets and filters used in the tests are
plain Java objects, it is irrelevant if they are included, so AdminServlet
could be excluded of the web.xml.

Any more guesses?

Pedro Nevado

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