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From Robert Godfrey <RGodf...@buildonline.com>
Subject Simulating a dropped connection
Date Thu, 23 Sep 2004 10:44:36 GMT

I've just come across cactus and was wondering whether it is possible to
simulate a dropped connection whilst sending request data. The scenario I'm
am trying to emulate is that of a large file upload (multipart request) that
is terminated due to a dropped connection or a user cancelling the request.
My limited understanding of Cactus (c. 2 hours) suggests that whilst I
should be able to set up a test to simulate a multipart request, it may not
be so easy to simulate a dropped connection. Does anyone have any
suggestions? For example is there a suitable extension point within cactus
from where one could potentially control the http connection and data stream
being sent.

Thanks Rob

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