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From Jeff Barrett <jbarr...@finaplex.com>
Subject ant integration and starting/stoping container w/ ant tasks
Date Fri, 20 Aug 2004 01:34:34 GMT
I'm having a conceptual problem here, or at least I think I am.  The 
tasks I seem to need to automate testing with cactus and ant (e.g. 
<cactus> or <runservertests>) require me to specify what tasks to call 
to start and stop the server.  I have one task that starts the server, 
but it just calls a java ant task.  Let's call it weblogic-start.

These other tasks could certainly call weblogic-start no problem.  But, 
as far as I understand it, the thread of control wouldn't return from 
the call to weblogic-start since it hangs around as long as the server 
is running.  Control would never return to the <cactus> or 
<runservertests> tasks so that they could then run the tests.

Assuming I'm right about this, I'm guessing I would need the ant task 
that starts the server to call some script that will start the server 
but detach control from it.  Any ideas how to do that?  I'm working on a 
windows machine -- is there some way I can maybe startup weblogic as a 
windows service from an ant task?


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