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From "Brehm, Robert P" <robert.p.br...@office.xerox.com>
Subject Writing Unit Tests in Cactus
Date Tue, 10 Aug 2004 16:45:52 GMT


I am new to Cactus, and I am therefore on the learning curve.  I am trying to test the following:

1) A JSP page that emits HTML to the user.  The user then submits a form to another JSP page.
2) This JSP page that acts as a front controller.  It process the form and then does queries
via a business delegate.
3) If the front controller is successful in (2) then it completes the transaction then forwards
to another JSP page.
4) This new JSP page emits HTML to the user who then submits a form to another front controller
and so on.

I have the HttpUnit working to get the HTML and submit the form.   I am having great difficulty
in trying to determine the steps required to:

1) Intercept parameters that the user submits in a form and,  
2) Call a Cactus test from my client side JUnit program.

Any help would be appreciated.


Bob Brehm

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