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From Chad Woolley <li...@thewoolleyweb.com>
Subject Re: Maven Cactus Plugin and Jetty?
Date Fri, 20 Aug 2004 20:26:26 GMT
Hi Vincent,

I know you are busy, but I am still wondering - do you know of anyone 
who has Jetty running under the Maven Cactus plugin successfully?  If 
so, then I will keep trying.  If not, then I may try to take another 
path, such as wrapping the Ant task in Maven, since I did get Jetty 
running under ant.


Chad Woolley wrote:

> Vincent,
> Thanks for the response.  Maybe my first email was a bit confusing.
> My main goal is to get Jetty working with the Maven Cactus plugin.
> There is an example of the Jetty integration, but it is Ant only, no 
> Maven example.  There is an example of Cactus-Maven integration also, 
> but no Jetty.
> I successfully got both of these working independently, but when I tried 
> to make Maven + Cactus + Jetty working, I got hopelessly lost.
> I am following the integration_jetty url you listed.  In Maven-land, 
> this means I have cactus.jetty.resourceDir and cactus.jetty.config 
> defined in my maven project.properties.  I also included all the 
> required dependencies in my project.xml.
> However, as I said below, when I run this, I get no output.  If I had to 
> guess, I would say that the maven cactus plugin is assuming that I am 
> running the "standard" mode, and doing nothing because I don't have an 
> installed container defined with "cactus.home.tomcat4x" or something 
> like that.  Then again, my guess may be wrong.
> So, basically I'm saying if there were an example of jetty running under 
> the cactus maven plugin, it would help me to understand it, because I 
> was unsuccessful.
> Thanks,
> Chad
> Vincent Massol wrote:
>> Hi Chad,
>> The Jetty integration is different from the others as we're running 
>> Jetty in
>> embedded mode from within the Test Cases. Are you using the Jetty
>> integration as described here:
>> http://jakarta.apache.org/cactus/integration/integration_jetty.html
>> Or are you using the <generic> container inside the <cactus> task?
>> The Jetty integration is definitely working. There's even a sample in the
>> Cactus distribution. I personally feel it's one of the best 
>> integration as
>> it runs very fast (overhead of 300 ms only to run a test!).
>> Thanks
>> -Vincent
>>> -----Original Message-----
>>> From: Chad Woolley [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
>>> Sent: dimanche 15 août 2004 07:22
>>> Subject: Maven Cactus Plugin and Jetty?
>>> Hi,
>>> I'm trying to get Jetty to work with the Maven Cactus plugin, with 
>>> release
>>> 1.6.1.
>>> When I run from the command line, I get no output (it doesn't appear to
>>> run the
>>> tests)
>>> When I run from the IDE (eclipse), the tests run, but none of my jars 
>>> are
>>> on the
>>> classpath, so they all fail (forked?).
>>> Is this working?  Are there any working examples?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Chad

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