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From "Denis McLaughlin" <den...@nortelnetworks.com>
Subject cactus maven plugin timeout value
Date Wed, 04 Aug 2004 21:28:32 GMT
Hi all,

  I apologize if this question has come up before: I didn't see anything 
in the FAQ or in the mailing list archives that seemed like a match.

  We're using maven and cactus as part of a build and automated sanity 
cycle, driven by Cruisecontrol.  It's working very well, with one 
exception: the system we're executing this build and test cycle on is 
rather underpowered.  As a result of this, the JBoss startup time can 
exceed 5 and even 10 minutes.   It seems that the cactus maven plugin 
has a hardwired timeout value of 3 minutes (180000ms): if the JBoss 
hasn't started in 3 minutes, the cactus test fails.

  I did see this email 
which talks about using mechanisms other than timers to determine when 
the JBoss was started.  I'm all for that, but doing that exceeds my 
ability, and I'm in need of a more immediate fix.

  I directly modified the cactus maven plugin, adding a timeout="900000" 
attribute to the <containerset> tag, and that sorted me right out.  If 
the long term plan is to move away from timers, then that's fine, I can 
sit tight and wait for that.  However, if there's interest in something 
more immediate, I can modify the cactus plugin.jelly to allow the user 
to override the timout using a cactus.containerset.timeout variable: it 
would be 180000 (the current default) if not explicitly set, but if the 
user wanted to override it, then it would detect that and override it.

  Is there interest in this?


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