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From "Vincent Massol" <vmas...@pivolis.com>
Subject RE: cactus task and container contextUrl
Date Mon, 09 Aug 2004 09:10:37 GMT

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> From: Maxim V. Gordienko [mailto:maxim@dgap.mipt.ru]
> Sent: lundi 9 août 2004 09:19
> To: Cactus Users List
> Subject: Re: cactus task and container contextUrl
> Hello, Vincent !
> Thanks for reply!
> By "fine-grained startup configuration" I mean passing all(or maybe only
> "major") configuration parameters to container. In case of JBoss it would
> be
> nice to see
> all parameters that available for `run.bat --help`... it just for
> convinience, but who knows... it might be useful
> Yes it's true, port and servlet context (and more in 1.7 version) are
> configurable via <jboss3x> element, but what about host binding address?

You mean the JNDI port? It is also configurable using the "jndiPort"

> In my case all quite simple, I have multi interface host, and want to run
> several JBosses at the time (test host, with several developers testing
> something).
> The simpliest solution is too up number of dummy interfaces (luck linux
> allows that)
> and run each container on individual interface. I can start container from
> cactus tast to run that way, BUT cactus task queries 'localhost' to run
> tests, not custom address container listens. and, as result, tests are not
> run.
> Hope i clarified why custom contextUrl is necessary.

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