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From "Maxim V. Gordienko" <ma...@dgap.mipt.ru>
Subject Re: cactus task and container contextUrl
Date Mon, 09 Aug 2004 07:19:07 GMT
Hello, Vincent ! 

Thanks for reply! 

By "fine-grained startup configuration" I mean passing all(or maybe only 
"major") configuration parameters to container. In case of JBoss it would be 
nice to see
all parameters that available for `run.bat --help`... it just for 
convinience, but who knows... it might be useful
Yes it's true, port and servlet context (and more in 1.7 version) are 
configurable via <jboss3x> element, but what about host binding address? 

In my case all quite simple, I have multi interface host, and want to run 
several JBosses at the time (test host, with several developers testing 
The simpliest solution is too up number of dummy interfaces (luck linux 
allows that)
and run each container on individual interface. I can start container from 
cactus tast to run that way, BUT cactus task queries 'localhost' to run 
tests, not custom address container listens. and, as result, tests are not 

Hope i clarified why custom contextUrl is necessary.

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