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From Felipe Leme <ma...@felipeal.net>
Subject JCA tests (was RE: cactus:catifyear)
Date Sat, 21 Aug 2004 11:43:03 GMT

I haven't faced this situation yet, but another issue we face is when we
need to test ejbs that depend on RAs (Resource Adapters or Connectors,
not sure what's the right nomenclature for JCA artifacts). In these
cases, if my ejb depends on a RA X, we need to copy the X.rar and the
X-ds.xml into JBoss's deploy dir first (cactus:test-ear preGoal) and
remove then afterward (on postGoal). 

It would be nice if cactus did that automatically for me, but I'm not
sure if that would be possible for the following reasons:

1.It's easy to install/uninstall a RA on JBoss, as it is just a matter
of copying/removing files. But I'm not sure how would it be on another
servers (we use WebSphere too, so I can check how it works with some

2.It would also be easy to add RAR dependencies in the POM. But what
about the descriptors, how would we define them?  They are
appserver-specific and different even among between JBoss versions. We
could have something like this into a repository (for RA X, version


But I think this way we would be forcing a naming standard. So, maybe a
better approach would be letting the user/organization define how the
descriptors are distributed (in my case, for instance, we would have a
X/zips/X-descriptors-1.0.zip, with sub-directories jboss/3.0.8 and
jboss/3.2.1). Going one step further, it would be nice if we could
coordinate this solution with the maven-rar-plugin team (so the
descriptors are also deployed by the plugin)

Any thoughts?


On Sat, 2004-08-21 at 06:59, Vincent Massol wrote:

> We can also have an explicitely named goal. We already have cactus:test-war
> and cactus:test-ear. We could have cactus:test-war-in-ear.

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