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From Pandu.Yelamanch...@co.hennepin.mn.us
Subject RE: cactus logging configuration issues
Date Wed, 14 Jul 2004 22:47:37 GMT

Thanks for the suggestions. I only have a server (no client)in my case (WAS
test server running in WSAD). I updated with the 1.6.1 version of cactus.
So I made the cactus.properties and logging_server.properties. but still
dont see any logging from cactus in the log file.  I have listed the 2
files below. Also The reason I want to turn debugging on is because all the
tests run fine on my machine but when i install the ear on a standalone WAS
server, all of them fail with the "Not a valid response (302)" .  Also FYI,
I am using form based authentication.

# Configuration file for Cactus.

# Each project using Cactus need to have such a file put in the client side
# CLASSPATH (Meaning the directory containgin this file should be in the
# side CLASSPATH, not the file itself of course ... :) )

# Defines the URLs that will be used by Cactus to call it's redirectors.
# You need to specify in these URLs the webapp context that you use for
# application. In the example below, the context is "test".

# Web app Context under which our application to test runs
# You MUST change the port number to the one you're using for the lab
cactus.contextURL = http://localhost:8080/test/

# Default Servlet Redirector Name. Used by ServletTestCase test cases.
cactus.servletRedirectorName = ServletRedirector

# Default JSP Redirector Name. Used by JspTestCase test cases.
cactus.jspRedirectorName = JspRedirector

# NOTE: Some servlet 2.3 containers need to map the filter to a valid
# resource (Orion 1.5.2 for example). Others, like Tomcat, are happy
# with just any mapping.
# For example, the following would work with Tomcat (and this is what I
# have expected !) :
# cactus.filterRedirectorName = FilterRedirector

#cactus.filterRedirectorName = test/filterRedirector.jsp

# Logging properties

# Disable logging by default when running the tests. If you wish to use a
# logging subsystem, uncomment the line below. That will let Commons
# decide automatically of a suitable logging system for you. You can also
# commons-logging to use a specific logging system. For more info, see
# http://jakarta.apache.org/commons/logging

# Disable logging
#org.apache.commons.logging.Log = org.apache.commons.logging.impl.NoOpLog

# Force to use JDK 1.4 logging
#org.apache.commons.logging.Log =

# Force to use Log4J logging
#org.apache.commons.logging.Log =

# Force to use Simple logging
#org.apache.commons.logging.Log = org.apache.commons.logging.impl.SimpleLog

# ---- Log4J logging properties

# Following properties are useful if you're using the Log4J logging
# and wish to output logs to a file. Make sure to comment out the NoOpLog
# above.
log4j.configuration = D:/javaprojects51/test/Web

log4j.appender.cactus = org.apache.log4j.FileAppender
log4j.appender.cactus.File = D:/javaprojects51/test/Web
log4j.appender.cactus.Append = false
log4j.appender.cactus.layout = org.apache.log4j.PatternLayout
log4j.appender.cactus.layout.ConversionPattern = %d{ABSOLUTE} [%t] %-5p
%-30.30c{2} %x - %m %n

# Any application log which uses Log4J will be logged to the Cactus log
log4j.rootCategory=DEBUG, cactus

# Debug logs for Cactus
log4j.category.org.apache.cactus = DEBUG, cactus
log4j.additivity.org.apache.cactus = false

# Debug logs for HttpClient
log4j.category.org.apache.commons.httpclient = DEBUG, cactus
log4j.additivity.org.apache.commons.httpclient = false
log4j.category.httpclient = DEBUG, cactus
log4j.additivity.httpclient = false

|         |           "Vincent Massol" |
|         |           <vmassol@pivolis.|
|         |           com>             |
|         |                            |
|         |           07/14/2004 03:43 |
|         |           PM               |
|         |           Please respond to|
|         |           "Cactus Users    |
|         |           List"            |
|         |                            |
  |       To:       "'Cactus Users List'" <cactus-user@jakarta.apache.org>         
  |       cc:                                                                            
  |       Subject:  RE: cactus logging configuration issues                              


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Pandu.Yelamanchili@co.hennepin.mn.us
> [mailto:Pandu.Yelamanchili@co.hennepin.mn.us]
> Sent: mercredi 14 juillet 2004 22:29
> To: cactus-user@jakarta.apache.org
> Subject: cactus logging configuration issues
> Hi
> I am trying to configure cactus logging for debugging the "Failed to get
> the test results xxxxxxx" message.

Yeah, this one is a real pain. We really need to improve error reporting so
that cause show up directly in the exception thrown. That would be cool. If
anyone wants to send a patch, it's welcome... :-)

> I am using WSAD 5.1 (websphere studio
> application developer) with WAS 5.1 Test server. I am using cactus-13-1.5
> version. Below is my log4j file


Hum. Honestly I don't recall how logging was working in Cactus 1.5. Cactus
uses a new mechanism. See

g if you're interested in switching to Cactus 1.6


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