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From Mark Slater <m...@analogsoftware.com>
Subject fix for running tests with cactus:test-ear (already known?)
Date Tue, 08 Jun 2004 23:08:37 GMT
This may be covered someplace already, but I didn't find it. I noticed 
that when running "maven cactus:test-ear", or "maven cactus:report" 
when "cactus.is.ear=true", none of the tests get run.

Part of my hesitation is that this is all new to me - maven, cactus, 
J2EE, etc. But what I found was that in the 
cactus-maven-1.6/plugin.jelly file, line 1101, the test-ear goal looks 
for tests using:

     <ant:fileset dir="${cactus.src.dir}"

But, when compiling, the test classes are put in 

So, I changed the ant:fileset dir to:

     <ant:fileset dir="${cactus.target.classes.dir}"

And now my tests get run.

Is this something known? Or do I have my properties screwed up 
someplace else, and that's what's causing this? If this does need to be 
patched in the plugin, how do I go about doing that?



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