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From Volker Krebs <volker.kr...@abas.de>
Subject Re: ServletTestRunner and multiple Web Applications
Date Mon, 21 Jun 2004 06:33:19 GMT

Vincent Massol wrote:
> Hi Volker,
> Your use case (using the same cactus installation to test different web
> applications) is not supported by Cactus. I'm actually surprised it
> could work at all! :-)
> The way to run Cactus tests on a given web application is by cactifying
> this web application. So if you have 2 web applications, you're supposed
> to cactify 2 web applications, each installing its own cactus
> redirectors.
> This means that it was pure luck that Cactus was working for you
> before... ;-)
> That said, I'm curious to understand better your use case as I'm always
> happy to improve Cactus. I have a few questions:
> - where are the cactus tests located? In test1 webapp? In test2 webapp?
> In another webapp?
> - in which webapp are the cactus redirectors installed?
I'm not quite sure if my use case is wrong for cactus. What I am doing 
is deploying und undeploying cactified webapplications each with its own 
cactus.jar, ServletRedirector and tests. The Tomcat gets not restarted 
between the test applications.

> Also, the call to setSystemProperties() happen in the doGet() method,
> i.e. for each call to the Servlet Test Runner. Thus, if the contextURL
> property changes, it should work fine, no? It means that you would need
> to change this property between your 2 webapp tests, which seems normal
> to me. What am I missing?
Like Kazuhito wrote, the lifetime of the system property is the point, 
it does not get deleted after an redeployment of an webapplication. So 
the new System.setProperties is never called, because we still got that 
property from the previous application.
But you are wright, when I manualy set the property in each application 
everything works fine. But I can only do this by calling 
System.setProperties("cactus.contextURL"...) in each test application. 
If I try to use the cactus.properties it gets ignored (I think that is 
what Kazuhito also meant).

Maybe one easy way to get rid of the system property is to delete it 
when ServletTestRunner gets undeployed. Than anything should work like 



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