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From Mark Slater <m...@analogsoftware.com>
Subject Re: what is the location of data files for testing?
Date Sat, 19 Jun 2004 17:28:51 GMT
Hi Vincent,

I'm testing an Entity bean that takes a picture and stores it in the 
DB. It's a somewhat contrived test, but the whole app is contrived. 
It's a technology demonstration that I can use to show the people who 
will be rotating in and out of the project over the next few years, and 
it will (hopefully) cover the vast majority of situations they'll 
encounter. In this case, the bean is pretty lame. However, I can 
imagine other test cases where I want a file (maybe a test CSV data 
file with all the test entity data, or an XML file that some 
intermediary session bean has to process) included in the test WAR so 
that cactus can load it up. My understanding is that for Local Entity 
beans, there is no client side, so running the setup from outside the 
server, a la begin() and end(), either wouldn't work, or would be poor 

Of course, I'm still new at this too, so I could be way off. I just 
figured there would be a standard place to put such files so they are 
available server-side for testing.


On Jun 19, 2004, at 06:51 AM, Vincent Massol wrote:

> Hi Mark,
> The setUp() method is executed in the server side classpath. Are you
> sure you do not want to use a begin() method instead? (see
> http://jakarta.apache.org/cactus/writing/howto_testcase.html).
> -Vincent
> On Jun 19, 2004, at 12:58 AM, Mark Slater wrote:
>> I'm sure this is documented all over the place, but for the life of 
>> me, I couldn't find it after looking for the two hours or so.  I'm 
>> using the maven plugin to run my cactus tests. In the setUp() method, 
>> I'd like to load a couple of image files to use in the testing. Where 
>> in the directory structure would I put those files so the are 
>> accessible with getClass().getResource("image.jpg") inside the 
>> setUp() method?
>> Thanks!
>> Mark

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