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From "Gallagher, Ron" <ron.gallag...@cingular.com>
Subject RE: Testing MDB
Date Tue, 25 May 2004 16:01:50 GMT
Jayaram --

Don't lose sight of the fact that you're building a "unit" test.  When the
component you're testing starts calling and relying upon the behavior of
outside resources (the session EJB and "another MDB" in your case), you
start to move from the realm of "unit" testing into the realm of "system" or
"integration" testing.  When you unit test a component, the testing should
be done in a manner that is as isolated as possible.  Since your unit test
for MDB1 relies on the proper behavior of the session ejb and "another MDB",
you'll end up creating a test that will fail for reasons not directly
related to the component you're testing.

Mock objects will definitely provide you with the isolation that you need in
order to test MDB1.  Chapter 7 in Vincent's book provides some excellent
information on accomplishing this.  I use the MockObjects framework
(www.mockobjects.com) extensively.  In your case, all you would need to do
is (a) provide MDB1 with a 'mocked-up' version of the session ejb, (b) tell
the mocked up object what method(s) should be called and what, if anything,
should be returned by those method invocations, (c) invoke the onMessage
method on MDB1 and (d) ask the mocked-up session EJB to verify that all of
the methods that should have been called were indeed called.  Step (a) is
probably the most difficult, but Vincent's book provides some excellent
information on how you can accomplish this.

BTW, the books that were recommended will definitely help.  They were a
tremendous benefit to me.

Ron Gallagher
Atlanta, GA

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From: Jayaraman.Dorai@transplace.com [mailto:Jayaraman.Dorai@transplace.com]

Sent: Tuesday, May 25, 2004 11:41 AM
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Subject: Re: Testing MDB

I am not sure I understood the solution completely, let me explain my
problem again.  May be I should read the books suggested.

There are 3 components a) the MDB (lets say MDB1)  which I want to test, b)
the session ejb,  and c) another MDB  (lets say MDB2)  which the session ejb

Now, if I call the extracted method in the MDB1 directly, it will make a
further call to session ejb which in turns asynchronously calls MDB2. Both
session ejb and MDB2 create records in the database. Now I want to test that
the records are being properly created. The testXXX() method will succeed
for only the records created in the session ejb and will fail for the tests
of  records created in MDB2 as the MDB2 may not have been completed. Now I
have a situation where MDB1 did not fail but the test cases shows it has

Will mock objects or the suggested techniques, help me test the MDB1



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Jayaraman.Dorai@transplace.com wrote:

> The problem with this approach, which I also found at 
> http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=cactus-user&m=100879309609213&w=2 and
> is,  the MDB calls a session ejb and this might again call another MDB 
> (There is a complex workflow design behind that). So it may be 
> possible
> make a call to the first MDB's onMessage(), but this will return back
> and the testXXX() methods might fail like the previous scenario.

Presumably the MDB retrieves the Session EJB from JNDI. The standard
solution to this is this:

1. Move the code that retrieves the Session EJB to the top of the
onMessage() method.
2. Apply Extract Method to the rest of onMessage() so that the new method
takes the Session EJB remote component interface as a parameter. 3. Test the
newly extracted method directly without the container. 4. Verify your
deployment descriptor to make sure that you deploy the Session EJB

See JUnit Recipes: Practical Programmer Testing Methods for more. :)
J. B. Rainsberger,
Diaspar Software Services
http://www.diasparsoftware.com :: +1 416 791-8603
Let's write software that people understand

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