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From "Vincent Massol" <vmas...@pivolis.com>
Subject [ANN] Cactus 1.6 has been released
Date Sat, 08 May 2004 12:30:55 GMT
The Cactus project is pleased to announce the release of version 1.6.
Cactus is a unit testing framework for testing server side java code.


Primarily a bug fix release. Several usability enhancements and the 
addition of the Maven plugin as part of the Cactus distribution. Move
to the Apache 2.0 license.

Main new features

* [Core] Added the Maven plugin. It was formerly hosted in the Maven 
  project's own CVS. It is now in the Cactus CVS and is part of the 
  Cactus distribution. To install the plugin in your Maven installation 
  please see 
* [Core] Added new ServletContextWrapper.setInitParameters() method
  allows to programmatically define Context init parameters.
* [Ant] The <cactus> Ant task now supports Mac OSX.
* [Ant] Added support for Resin 3.x in the <cactus> Ant task (<resin3x>
* [Ant] Better configurability of the <cactus> container elements:
    - new configXml attribute for the <weblogic7x> element
    - added support for JBoss jboss-web.xml in the <jboss3x> element
    - new contextxml attribute for the <tomcat4x> element
    - new jndiport attribute for the <jboss3x> element
* [Maven] Only runs tests if there are Cactus tests present in the 
* [Maven] Added support for EJB testing with Cactus.
* [Maven] Added cactus.jboss3x.jndiport property to specify which JNDI
  to use when shutting down JBoss.
* [Maven] Added support for Resin 3.x (above version 3.0.5).
* [Maven] Added support for custom ports when using JBoss. Please note
  this will only work with custom JBoss configs. The default config used
  Cactus uses port 8080 (that's the default JBoss config).
* [Maven] Added 2 new properties to support debugging Cactus tests:
  cactus.logging.config.client and cactus.logging.config.server. They
  to logging config properties file.
* [Maven] Added support for custom WebLogic config.xml
* [Maven] The cactus:test goal now automatically discovers JUnit Test
  from non JUnit java classes and by default excludes all classes that
  not tests.


Please check the Changes page at
http://jakarta.apache.org/cactus/changes.html for a full list of the 
changes in version 1.6.

Please check the Changes page at
for a full list of the changes in the Maven plugin for Cactus 1.6.

Known limitations and bugs:

* Possible binary compatibility problem: We've had a big internal 
  restructuration: we have moved all the non public API classes to java 
  packages with the name "internal". As a result of this change you may 
  need in some cases to rebuild your code with the new cactus jar in the

* Due to the internal package restructuring, the jspredirector.jsp file 
  was modified. If you have installed this file manually somewhere,
  need to remember to update it with the new version.
* List of known bugs are available on http://tinyurl.com/3edgv

For more information about Cactus, please visit

Have fun,
-The Cactus team

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