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From <lupingaz-jaka...@yahoo.com>
Subject jboss2x ant task error
Date Fri, 30 Apr 2004 15:21:28 GMT
Hi, I'm trying running cactus Ant task in order to
test Struts action deployed in JBoss 3.2.3.

I can cactify my war and deply it in JBoss but when I
try to use <cactus> task I recive the following error:

BUILD FAILED: D:\Progetti\titan\build.xml:194: The
container 'jboss2x' is not supported

Task is configured like this:

<target name="test">
fork="yes" failureproperty="tests.failed">
         <path refid="${prj.compile.classpath"/>
	 <pathelement location="${build.classes.prj.dir}"/>
	 <pathelement location="${build.classes.test.dir}"/>
	 <pathelement location="${cactus.nekohtml.jar}"/>
	 <pathelement location="${cactus.httpunit.jar}"/>
      <containerset timeout="180000">
         <jboss2x dir="${jboss.home}" config="default"
      <formatter type="xml"/>
	 <fileset dir="$src.test.dir}">
	    <include name="**/Test*.java"/>

Can anyone help me?

Thank you in advance for any help?

ciao, Augusto

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