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From Dos Santos <newbie...@yahoo.com>
Subject Problem testing JSP
Date Thu, 22 Apr 2004 13:17:53 GMT
Hi! I'm having some trouble forwarding to a jsp page
within a test. My web application is deployed on
Weblogic 8.1, my test case extends JspTestCase and
this is what it consists of:

First I have a beginXXX method:
public void beginCreateUser(WebRequest theRequest){
"/tellarian-core", null, null, null);       

Secondly I have the test:
public void testCreateUser() throws Exception {
        CreateUserValidatorBean formValidator = new

Lastly I have the endXXX method:
public void endCreateUser(WebResponse theResponse)
throws Exception{

Ultimately I would like to be able to perform asserts
over the resulting HTML. The thing is that for the
time being it doesn't seem to be forwarding to the
jsp. When I print out anything related to the
WebResponse it results in null and it does not create
the user. I've performed unit tests of the user
creation separate from the jsp and it works fine. I've
also navigated the web application and created a user
directly through the jsp and it works fine also.

I would truly appreciate any input.

Thanks in advance.

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