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From "Stephane Nicoll" <snic...@kiala.com>
Subject Cactus integration test with a production's EAR
Date Fri, 19 Mar 2004 08:35:44 GMT

We are using maven to manage our application. It's something like


Each module is a maven project and generate an EJB-JAR or a WAR. Each module
has its own cactus tests and rely on fixed version of other modules to work.
At the end, an EAR is build (applications dir is also a maven project and
manages this) with a version of each modules.

Our problem now is that we would like to:

- Run ALL tests of ALL modules on the generated EAR (basically module1 needs
module2 and3 for instance while module4 needs 1and3, etc but at the end all
modules fit together in a single EAR). It means gather and compile the tests
of all modules in some separate project
- Run some other tests.

My idea is to create a new maven project "integration" containing integration
tests (the "run some other tests" part). Then I have somehow to gather all
cactus's test source files from all modules and compile them in a common
place + build a WAR.

If this works I should somehow be able to depend on some EAR (since it's
deployed in our local repo), copy it to my application server, start it, copy
the war and launch the tests.

Does it seem feasible to you?

If someone else is insterested or  find this relevant, maybe I can provide a



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