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From "Dinesh N" <gnavs...@india.com>
Subject Assesrtion Failed Error while JSP Testing
Date Mon, 09 Feb 2004 07:05:59 GMT
Hi Friends,
    I am new to this technology. I am testing a jsp page which do some operation on java compiled

Now i have created some test case like:

public void teststringArray3()
		 System.out.println("Value is "+session.getServletContext().getAttribute("stringArray3Count"));
		 assertSame("This should be same","1",session.getServletContext().getAttribute("stringArray3Count"));

****stringArray3Count is an veriable which is set to proper value in JSP Page.

But i am not able to access the Value in Test class. It is returning NULL. CAn anybody help
Please let me know where is problem in my Code or what..?

I also tried with. pageContext.include("/test.jsp");
and then pageContext.getAttribute(stringArray3Count());
But still it returns null.

After running the Result is:

   This should be same expected same:<1> was not:<null>

junit.framework.AssertionFailedError: This should be same expected same:<1> was not:<null>

CAn anybody tell me what is the problem ?

Thanking You,

Dinesh N.

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