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From Christopher Lenz <cml...@gmx.de>
Subject Re: Starting/Stopping Resin with Ant
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2004 08:39:03 GMT
Am 25.02.2004 um 07:38 schrieb Vincent Massol:
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>> Subject: Re: Starting/Stopping Resin with Ant
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>> Yes, I'd also like that we add <startcontainer>/<stopcontainer> Ant
>> tasks for starting/stopping containers. It should be very easy to
>> implement as we're already doing it in the <cactus> task. We could
>> probably even reuse the existing <[container name]> nested elements
>> (they're already Ant task in their implementation I think), and simply
>> add an "action" attribute (action="start|stop"). Anyone wishing to 
>> help?
>> </snip>


> 4/ I'm not too sure to implement the feature. The best solution is
> probably to create a startcontainer/stopcontainer tasks (or a single
> <run> task with an action attribute) in o.a.c.i.a package and let it
> accept a nested AbstractContainer element. The other option would be to
> directly try to reuse the existing container elements as top level Ant
> tasks but adding to them an action attribute (action="start|stop"). It
> may require other attributes. The first solution is probably cleaner.

I believe we already have this functionality in <runservertests> 
(although not documented):

   <runservertests testurl="...">
     <start target="start.resin"/>
       <!-- Here you can invoke any Ant tasks you like -->
       <echo>Here we go</echo>
       <antcall target="foo"/>
       <antcall target="bar"/>
     <stop target="stop.resin"/>

Christopher Lenz
/=/ cmlenz at gmx.de

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