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From Josh Lam <joshlam2...@yahoo.com>
Subject RE: Eclipse Plugin Question
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2004 07:21:03 GMT
Hi Vincent,

Sorry for the long list of emails in the past 24 hours
but I am just so close to getting this going.  I have
also read your comments on the JUnit In Action forum
to Gaston

I am attaching jpeg file of my preferences as mine
looks slightly different from the web site's. (Sorry
its kinda compressed up as the forum only take up to

For the Web Application Preferences, the 'Webapp
Directory' is where the WEB-INF/web.xml should reside
correct?  Also, this is relative to my Project right? 
Since I have imported the project from the book, its:

where dev is where I unzipped the junit book source

This web.xml is the one taken from

Do I have to worry about 'Output war' in the Web
Application preferences?  It seems to be looking for a
webapp.war file which I am not able to find.

With the above configurations, I am still getting the
following exceptions:

java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: connect
	at java.net.PlainSocketImpl.socketConnect(Native

(please see Exception.txt for complete stack trace, I
also have the Eclipse log in there)

I am certain that its something I am overlooking.

Would appreciate all the help.  Also, my team members
on my project would also be very grateful :-)  Even
though we recognize this plugin is still
'experimental', it would defintely be very useful to
be able to run the debugger in an 'in container'
situation if we have one of those hard to find bugs in
our code.



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