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From "Vincent Massol" <vmas...@pivolis.com>
Subject [ANN] Cactus Eclipse plugin is broken!
Date Tue, 13 Jan 2004 22:30:49 GMT
Hi everyone,

I'm sorry to announce this bad news but I've just noticed that the
Cactus plugin for Eclipse is currently completely broken. It won't work
with any container.

It was developed by a Cactus committer who left the project some time
ago (at the time of Cactus 1.4.1 I believe). It was working at that time
but then we continued development of Cactus. Unfortunately, none of us
knew the code of the Eclipse plugin. We completely overhauled the Ant
integration code (which is what you currently see in Cactus 1.5 and
beyond). During that process we did not update the Eclipse plugin code
simply from a lack of knowledge about its code and from a lack of time.
Thus the Eclipse plugin code is still using the old Ant integration way
and is not compatible with Cactus 1.5 and beyond, which is why it's not
working. BTW, that was the reason the Eclipse plugin was not released
with Cactus 1.5.

I thought the plugin was somewhat working but then I've seen several
questions about users who had tried it without success. I thought it was
time to have a look today. Unfortunately I found it cannot work for
several reasons. I've removed the plugin from the nightly build area.

We're really sorry about this.

Now we need some help to fix it... Anyone wishing to take the challenge?


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