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From Keith Irwin <ke...@keithirwin.com>
Subject cactus maven plugin and resources
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2004 21:03:13 GMT

Kind of a best practices question:

For unit tests, I'd like to include log4j.props and
commons-logging.props to debug the test apparatus and to squelch those
annoying warnings if you don't.

However, I don't want these files in standard app builds (because
there's some other framework thing going on).

So, I've added the resources to the <unitTest/> element such that the
files in question are included with regular unit test builds.

However, the cactus unit test plugin seems to ignore this.

Is there a preferred way to get this to work, or should I just create a
preGoal for cactus:test and cactus:match (the ones I regularly use) to
copy the files over somehow?



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