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From Keith Irwin <ke...@keithirwin.com>
Subject maven plugin help
Date Sat, 03 Jan 2004 02:03:15 GMT

I'm using maven and can't seem to test my struts actions with struts
test case.

Figured I'd bypass it and just use ServletTestCase instead but keep
getting a nullpointer exception.

public void beginTest(WebRequest request) {
   request.setURL("localhost:8080", "/public", "/home.do", null, null);

public void testTest() {
   WPAActionServlet servlet = new WPAActionServlet();
   try {
      servlet.service(request, response);

   catch (Exception e) {

I get a NullPointerException every time.  (WPAActionServlet is an
extension of the ActionServlet).

Is testing Struts actions with ServletTestCase a bit less trivial than
the above suggests?  (The WPAActionServlet seems to work in that I can
tell from logs that it's loading all its plugins.)


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