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From "Matt Raible" <li...@raibledesigns.com>
Subject RE: cactus ant task on existing container ?
Date Thu, 15 Jan 2004 13:05:57 GMT
> Before I implement it I think I should ask: is it something 
> very useful for you? Is that a feature you would really like? 
> I'm asking because I don't have much time now and I'd only 
> like to do it if it's really useful to someone... :-) I mean 
> people can use server.xml for now. You also mentioned moving 
> to Resin I think, so I'm not sure anymore whether you need it 
> at all... :-)


I don't plan on moving to Resin, I merely want to test my apps on Resin
(and other containers).  Right now, my build.xml script for AppFuse
(http://raibledesigns.com/appfuse) is very Tomcat-specific.  I'm not
sure I want to eliminate that dependency since it's very easy to get
Tomcat installed and running quickly.  I would, however, like to test my
app on other containers.  Using the <cactus> task seemed like the best
way (though I dislike all the logging when Tomcat starts - doesn't
happen with <runservertasks>).  

I think adding the feature would be useful and easier to work with -
especially since most folks don't know about the webapps/context.xml,
and once they do, they never touch server.xml again.  At the same time,
I could easily use the <generic> server implementation and re-use my
existing stuff, since I don't plan on eliminating it anyway.  So, I'd
say - spend your time on things you enjoy more, not some silly little
enhancement like this. ;-)

I am going to send an e-mail to the Resin team to see if they'll
consider adding similar functionality to Resin (i.e. looking in webapps
for *.conf files).


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