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From "Vincent Massol" <vmas...@pivolis.com>
Subject RE: Maven-Cactus Plugin EJB testing [PATCH]
Date Wed, 31 Dec 2003 09:44:14 GMT

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> From: Tony Czupryna [mailto:tczupryna@orbitz.com]
> Sent: 30 December 2003 23:59
> Cc: 'Cactus Users List'
> Subject: RE: Maven-Cactus Plugin EJB testing [PATCH]
> Vincent,
> Thanks for the quick turnaround.
> I added some logic to the maven plugin to push the
> cactus.weblogic7x.config property to ant:


Thanks for the patch. May I suggest a few improvements for next time :-)
- please include the patch in a separate file (as with email
line-wrapping it's close to impossible to apply any inline patch)
- make sure you also provide patches for the following files (see
  - changes.xml
  - properties.xml
  - plugin.properties

But let me say that we're happy to receive patches, whatever they are!

> Enhancement idea:
> The integration/ant tools do token replacement on the
> config.xml/serverl.xml files if you use the default configs. However
> you override, you lose that benefit. It would be cool if the override
> could still be run through the filter.

Good idea. Quite easy to do I believe. You can file it as a bug request
or send us a patch (or both)!

> Testing:
> Running maven cactus:test-ear now uses the override config.xml and my
> deploys successfully. I'm currently running into the
> that is mentioned in a previous post. I'm wondering if that was ever
> resolved.

What post is it (I can't remember seeing it)? Can you please send a full
stack trace?

> I've tried building my own cactus-13 cactus-ant-13 and
> building/installing the plugin off of those. Everything looks in synch
> my local repo. I'm running jdk1.4, but hopefully that's not the issue.

VerifyError usually means that you have some code that is using Cactus
and that when this code was compiled it was using some API that does not
exist anymore in the new Cactus jar. Or something like that.

> One oddity I noticed is that the war that is being created has all of
> ejb class files under WEB-INF/classes. Seems like class files that are
> the ejb-jar should not be in the war.

Yep, but I'm not sure if it is the problem and I don't think there's an
easy way not to include them...

> I'll take a look at the automagic stuff once I get the test running...


> Happy New Year,
> Tony

you too!

> "Vincent Massol" <vmassol@pivolis.com>
> 12/30/2003 03:04 AM
>         To:     "'Cactus Users List'" <cactus-user@jakarta.apache.org>
>         cc:     "'Tony Czupryna'" <tczupryna@orbitz.com>
>         Subject:        RE: Maven-Cactus Plugin EJB testing
> Hi Tony,
> Note: I'm responding to the cactus user list (please use this list for
> anything related to Cactus).
> See embedded.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Tony Czupryna [mailto:tczupryna@orbitz.com]
> Sent: 30 December 2003 01:03
> To: vmassol@pivolis.com
> Subject: Maven-Cactus Plugin EJB testing
> Vincent,
> I have a few questions about the maven cactus plugin. It seems like
> are the appropriate person to ask since you do most of the checkins.
> you have some time, your help would be greatly appreciated.
> I've got the latest from tip and am trying to integrate with our
source to
> do a cactus:test-ear. Currently we're trying to test an ejb project
> war) with weblogic8. I believe the weblogic7 tools will work fine.
> I noticed that tomcat and resin have a mechanism to override the
> config.xml/server.xml. Is there a way to do something similar for
> weblogic? I need to add some db connection pools to the test server in
> order to deploy the ejbs. There may already be a way to do this that
> eluding me.
> Yeah. It was missing (there was a bug report for this item:
> http://issues.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=23016). I've just
> committed a fix for you in CVS. There's now a new configXml
> attribute for the <weblogic7x> container.
> Also, in trying to mavenize some of our projects, we are breaking them
> down by ejb, war, and ear. Maven has a way to specify in
> project.properties (maven.multiproject.type) and I believe they are
> planning on adding something to pom 4 where you specify if a
> sub-project is a jar/ejb/war/ear.
> Yep, that is true. Actually, I proposed the new <type> element in POM
> (and I've already implemented it in Maven CVS HEAD) J
> It would be great if the cactus plugin could automagically run the
> appropriate cactus tests on a subproject based on that same property.
> this property it should be possible to kick off cactus:test-XXX based
> the type. An ejb type would trigger a cactified ear to be built and an
> type would trigger a cactified war.
> Good idea. Could you please add a bug request for this feature so that
> don't forget it? (even better would be a patch of course ;-)).
> There seems to be an extra '=' in the weblogic startup call. It's in
> java.security.policy property. It doesn't seem to break anything
> I just noticed it when the lack of the connection pool was causing
ejbs to
> not deploy:
> RCS file:
> /home/cvspublic/jakarta-
> r/weblogic/WebLogic7xContainer.java,v
> retrieving revision 1.10
> diff -w -r1.10 WebLogic7xContainer.java
> 217c217
> <                     "=./server/lib/weblogic.policy"));
> ---
> >                     "./server/lib/weblogic.policy"));
> Hmm? I believe it's ok. I've added the following comment to the
>             // Note: The "=" in the call below is on purpose. It is
> so that
>             // we end up with:
>             //   -Djava.security.policy==./server/lib/weblogic.policy
>             // (otherwise, we would end up with:
>             //   -Djava.security.policy=./server/lib/weblogic.policy,
> which
>             //  will not add to the security policy but instead
> it).
>             java.addSysproperty(
>                 createSysProperty("java.security.policy",
>                     "=./server/lib/weblogic.policy"));
> Let me know if it makes sense.
> If you'd could use a hand writing and testing weblogic specific stuff
> got some time. If you just want me to throw some enhancement requests
> bugzilla that's cool too. If you'd like to chat sometime I've got AIM
> Yahoo. I've only been working with Maven for a couple of weeks but I'm
> pretty comfortable with it. It is suprising I haven't jumped out the
> window yet though. I should have read all the known bugs before
> starting...
> Hey that's cool. Of course we always need help! J Implementing the
> automagic feature would be quite nice (that could
> be the default behavior for cactus:test).
> I'll create a nightly build of Cactus tonight if you wish to test the
> configXml change (I could not test it as my WL 7.x license has
> Thanks
> -Vincent
> ________________________
> Tony Czupryna
> Orbitz, Inc
> (312) 894-4820

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