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From Mark Lybarger <Mark.Lybar...@CBC-Companies.com>
Subject EJB Sample in 1.6dev
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2003 15:08:48 GMT
I've got a question on the ejb sample in the 1.6dev release.  The
build.properties for the samples mentions needing a j2ee-1.3.jar from sun,
but the tests are geared twords the jboss and or orion servers.  What is
needed from this j2ee-1.3.jar that isn't available in a jboss distribution
(thus re-distributable)?  Is this related to a servlet container? If so, can
that stuff be obtained from tomcat?

I also ask because I've tried building cactus cvs, and the builds require a
j2ee-1.x.jar ( either 2 or 3 ), but I couldn't find easy directions for what
to get and where to put it.  I was able to make some lousy hacks to the
properties files and finally got it to somewhat build.

One final unrelated note.  The guide for seeing up a development environment
for the eclipse plugin didn't seem to work. I got through the first two
items ok, but the 3rd had issues.  Specifically, IIRC, i didn't see a
"Import plug-ins and fragments rquired by existing workspace plug-ins"
radio.  Maybe I don't have the correct version and or other plugins of
eclipse (2.1.1)?


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