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From Andrew Boyd <andrew.b...@mindspring.com>
Subject Re: invoking a private method of a servlet
Date Mon, 17 Nov 2003 13:20:22 GMT
Speaking of package private methods...
I posted this question last week but have not received any responses.  So
I'm going to take this opertunity:

Hi All,
  I'm getting the following error when running my cactus tests:
java.lang.IllegalAccessError: tried to access method 
com.digitalreasoning.kafe.host.Host.getKafeMBeanServer() from class
com.digitalreasoning.kafe.host.HostObjectFactoryTest at com.digitalreasoning.kafe.host.HostObjectFactoryTest.testDomainName(HostObjectFactoryTest.java:44)

The method getKafeMBeanServer() is a package private method in Host.
     * Returns the MBeanServer created by this Host.
     * Keeping this package private for testing since the Host should provide
     * any fuctionality that my be derived from the MBeanServer
     * @return
    MBeanServer getKafeMBeanServer(){
        return kafeMbeanServer_;

HostObjectFactoryTest is in the same package as you can tell.  The method  testDomainName()
     * Make sure that the MBeanServer is created with the expected
     * DomainName.
    public void testDomainName(){
        Host host = HostObjectFactory.createHost();
        MBeanServer server = host.getKafeMBeanServer();
        assertTrue("Asserting True that "+Host.DOMAIN + " == "+

Any ideas why I'm getting the IllegalAccessError?


Thanks again.

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From: Christopher Lenz <cmlenz@gmx.de>
Sent: Nov 17, 2003 6:22 AM
To: Cactus Users List <cactus-user@jakarta.apache.org>
Subject: Re: invoking a private method of a servlet

Hello Ajay,

the purpose of making a method private is that it can not be called from 
outside the declaring class. You might be able to get info about a private 
method via reflection, but the JVM will not allow you to actually invoke it 
(AFAIK). So there's no way you can test a private method. In general, 
private methods are also considered too much of an implementation detail, 
and too fragile, to be worth testing separately. A common compromise is to 
make such methods package private, and put the test case class in the same 
package as to class under test.


Ajay Kumar wrote:
> I have a controller servlet with many private methods and want to write 
> a testcase for these methods. I tried using reflection for invoking 
> these methods, but got the following report:

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Andrew Boyd
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