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From "Daniel Lehmann" <dklehm...@hotmail.com>
Subject ServletTestCase - Error looking up EJB
Date Mon, 13 Oct 2003 08:30:00 GMT

I am trying to build a project using a standalone Tomcat webserver (4.12.1) 
and JBoss 3.2.1.  For unit testing I am using Cactus 13.1.5 beta1.  The goal 
is to automate the whole thing within an Ant build script (Starting up 
Tomcat from Ant, JBoss is running already).  However, I am encountering the 
following two problems:

I cannot build the project from my IDE (Eclipse) because the IDE compiler 
cannot find the CactusTask.class (ClassNotFound).  It works when I run ant 
directly from the command line.  Has anyone encountered this before?  I 
tried adding the cactus.jar to the build classpath etc., but it still 
doesn't work.

When building the project via command line I am getting this error trying to 
set up my test in the ServletTestCase class:

[cactus] CACTUS ERROR RUNNING setUp(): javax.naming.CommunicationException
[Root exception is java.rmi.ServerException: RemoteException occurred in 
server thread; nested exception is:
[cactus]     java.rmi.UnmarshalException: error unmarshalling arguments; 
nested exception is:
[cactus]     java.net.MalformedURLException: no protocol: and]
[cactus] Tests run: 1, Failures: 0, Errors: 1, Time elapsed: 3.285 sec


Here is the code that produces the error:

public void setUp()
   System.setProperty("java.naming.provider.url", "jnp://myserver:1099");

	InitialContext ctx = new InitialContext();

	OrderSessionHome home = (OrderSessionHome)

	session = home.create();
	catch(Exception ex)
		System.out.println("CACTUS ERROR RUNNING setUp(): " + ex.toString());


Any help is greatly appreciated.


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