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From Christopher Lenz <cml...@gmx.de>
Subject Re: Task issue
Date Thu, 25 Sep 2003 09:33:56 GMT
Hi Bret,

I think it would be more helpful if you looked at the output from the Ant 
run in -debug mode.

The startup target is actually *supposed* to not exit, because it usually 
runs the server process, and is only stopped when the server is shut down by 
the shutdown target. The most probable cause for the tests not being run 
after the server has been started (or the application deployed) is that 
requests to the servler redirector at the specified port are not successful. 
The -debug output of the Ant build should give you the details.


Bret Kumler wrote:
> I'm having a threading issue, I think.
> I have your sample working with weblogic 8.
> I modified it to work with our code which uses MBeans.
> The target "test" has the following:
> <containerset>
> 	<generic name="Weblogic 8.1.1" port="${test.port}">
> 		<startup target="start.weblogic.81"/>
> 		<shutdown target="stop.weblogic.81"/>
> 	</generic>
> </containerset>
> I call ant test & it invokes the start.weblogic.81 which works fine.
> The problem is it never exits the start.weblogic.81 target.
> Could it be the MBeans?  I ran the weblogic.Admin to get a thread dump.
> java -cp %CLASSPATH% weblogic.Admin -url t3://localhost:7001 -username
> testuser -password testuser THREAD_DUMP
> I got the following stack trace.

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